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Happy 2022: Ending a wonderful year together

At the start of 2022, what satisfaction for i-Mali, which is the latest of the i-Aps offices around the world. This is an opportunity for us to thank all who from near or far trust us and support us to give the best of ourselves for the happiness of our communities. Working since June when it opened i- APS
MALI has been able to set up a dynamic team under the leadership of its country manager. Thus the network of i-Mali extends more and more by mobilizing experts from local to national level and backed by its international experts.

Thanks to its various research methods and tools for monitoring and evaluation i-APS Mali has produced an analysis   of the issue of civic youth engagement in a complex political, institutional and security context. The year 2022 will be a year of effective start-up by providing its partners with its products and systems  developed and which have proven themselves throughout the world for quality performance and professionalism in  the execution of projects and programs in Mali . .

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