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Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation

Whether it is setting up a project Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system, conducting a baseline or end-line study, or evaluating an ongoing project, i-APS provides the actionable information you need to make better decisions.

i-APS M&E professionals have extensive, diverse experience in leveraging project and organizational M&E systems for organizational learning and collaboration. They combine industry best practices with learning from delivering humanitarian programming in challenging and hard-to-reach areas, including conflict and disaster zones. The result: utility-based recommendations based on quantiattive and qualitative research and data in sectors as diverse as food security and protection.

Our M&E advisory services and systems can help your organization know not only if a program is succeeding, but provide an objective picture that presents the details of your outputs on-the-ground. Our customized systems help organizations track the progress of programs, and identify how your organization and interventions can better reach target populations and scale for sustainability.

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Strategic planning and results frameworks
In humanitarian contexts, problems can be severe, and multiple challenges often make it hard to tackle root causes. Projects and programs are needed that can intervene effectively, and which directly improve outcomes for affected communities. A clearly-constructed results-chain is critical to accountability, mid-course corrections, and learning. i-APS staff are skilled at generating results frameworks that set out an intervention’s activities and its expected results, the strategic objective to be delivered, and the overall goals to which programs should contribute.
Tool development, data collection, analysis and reporting
Tool development, data collection, analysis and reporting We seamlessly link evaluation matrices with the correct tools that maximize data reliability and are tailored for sensitive environments and vulnerable populations Our field teams come from the communities where work is to be done and are carefully-recruited and trained with ability to conduct both in-person and remote data collection. Our in-house data analysis team provides advanced analytics that inform reporting with actionable recommendations and evidence-based conclusions.
Data quality assessments
Credible and effective reports must always be founded on management systems that collect good-quality, verified data. Data quality auditing tools are used by i-APS teams to determine a program’s ability to report quality-data and to strengthen their data management and reporting systems that provide sound evidence for decisions.
Capacity building
Based on an assessment of staff needs, program requirements and organizational practices, i-APS provides tailored training to develop M&E thinking, approaches and tools.Through combined practical and theoretical sessions, our M&E training instills relevant concepts, sensitizes staff to the need to strengthen data management functions, and provides your staff with the practical tools to improve performance and reporting.
Performance and Impact Reporting
Impact, mid-term and performance evaluations are now an obligatory requirement for donors and national governments. i-APS begins work by developing a conceptual model, based on existing results frameworks. We reconstruct the project’s logic, and build up the theory of change. This leads to a clear view of the indicators to be applied, and where the information needed can be found. Once defined, the variables of interest, such as activities and targets, outputs or results, and their outcomes and impacts, can begin to be measured. i-APS applies a well-tested toolkit of desk and field-based methods that includes appraisal of results-chain documentation; analysis of M&E system outputs; timeline tracking; and a range of quantitative, qualitative, and participatory instruments. Our utility-based reporting ensures that evaluations become a long-term learning experience for participants, donors and implementing organizations.