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Interview with i-APS’ latest addition to the data analytics team

We are glad to present Gladys Siele, our most recent addition to i-APS’ global data analysis team. Gladys lives in Kenya and comes with years of experience in data analytics. She is enthusiastic and passionate to engage in assessing humanitarian aid programs. The following Q&A gives us a glimpse into Glady’s motivation for working as a budding statistician and how she feels to be working alongside her colleagues at i-APS’ global data analysis unit from all over the world.


What does it mean to work on Data analysis in the humanitarian sector? 

Being a data analyst in the humanitarian sector is all about serving people. I get to analyze and identify trends in data, visualize findings and help donor organizations make actionable decisions. As a data analyst, I am closer to impact than ever before as every finding I present advocates for social good. 


What inspired you to get into Data Science in the humanitarian sector? 

I was inspired by a desire to be impactful to people. Data science gives me a deep satisfaction and an opportunity to honor a part of myself and my background as someone who benefitted from humanitarian support at some point in life. I am happy that I get to see how the data I analyze directly impacts someone’s life.


As a data Scientist and statistician, where do you get your inspiration from?

I am inspired by the power that data science offers me. As a statistician, I equate my role as that of a magician with the ability to predict outcomes using data. I like being part of progress in organizations and people’s lives by giving them concrete reasons to make rational decisions.


What motivates you to work every day?

I am motivated by the fact that I am part of something big. Working for i-APS is like working for thousands of vulnerable groups and I know that I need to represent them in the best way possible. I also love that I am able to shed light on the current status of those affected by a crisis and provide visibility on the plea of women and girls.


Can you tell us a little about what it means to be able to work remotely from your home in Kenya and for an internationally-based company that allows you to have this opportunity?  

It is a wonderful opportunity to work for i-APS as it gives me flexibility and increases my productivity by eliminating daily commutes. Besides, I enjoy a better work-life balance and a supportive online community from the company. It is a great opportunity, especially in a country that has not largely embraced remote working.