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Our People

Amina Ferati


Francis Rivera-Rivas

Country Manager and
Representative for Venezuela

Ahmed M. Alwadaey, Ph.D.

Country Manager and
Representative for Yemen

Nil Turksen

Director of Third-Party Monitoring

Ardi Mejzini

Communications Manager

Lili Vidal

Project Cycle Management

Ueda Osmani

Front-end Developer

Kaltrina Aliu

Back-End Developer

Shpat Buzoku

Back-End Developer

Wael Rahhal

Senior Data Analysts

Amer Muharemi

Software Developer

Azam Alabedalhadi

Senior Program Officer

Mohammed Rasheed

Organizational Development Specialist

Tina Matusinovic

Finance Administration Director

Ahmad Nasim Dawar

Country Manager and
Representative for Afghanistan

Maria Melo Torres

Country Manager and
Representative of i-APS for Colombia

Chiara Carli

Senior Program Officer

Bjorn Betzler

Director of Strategy, Food Security, and Market Systems

Agron Ferati

Executive Director

Nour Al amine

Senior Program Officer.

Luljeta Gashi

Data Scientist

Gabriele Bompani

Senior Program Officer

Kerem Karasu

Third Party Monitoring Project Manager

Eugen Shala

Technology and Software

Morgan Reynolds

Project Manager

Erik Lode

Project Manager