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Ahlam Salah

Fundraising Officer

“Being effective and doing a great work is one of the anyone’s dreams”

Ahlam is helping in finding project opportunities and funded proposals at i-APS Yemen as a fundraising officer. Besides that, she managed several projects at i-APS Yemen

She has 6 years of experience working with NGOs in many humanitarian activities. She had been working with an NGO since 2017 after graduation from the English Education department at Amran University in Yemen.

As one of the members of an NGO, she started as a volunteer at health& nutrition programs and then at a quality program. She started working as a complaint assistant from 2018 –to 2019. During that period, she was having experience in using and working on GRM and MEF Systems (YHF & WFP). Also, she worked on GMS (UNOCHA system) following up on the narrative reports and TPM reports from 2018 to 2021.

During the same period, Ahlam was working as an M&E assistant in the MEAL Unit at NFDHR. Then as a program assistant at the same Unit. She worked on following up on the project progress and documentation on the Portal365 system at the foundation.

One of her great jobs was being a trainer at Portal356 company (part-time). She trained more than 100 people on how to write proposals and manage the project by using the Portal365 system.