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Maram Kashkoul

Senior Officer for Technology and Software Development

Maram is a software and information system engineer with over 10 years of experience. Her previous work covers systems administration and development, monitoring and evaluation, business analysis, product design, implementation, delivery, software developing and support. She has worked for different international companies and organizations in Syria, Erbil and Turkey like IMMAP, KOREK, MTN, basmeh-zeitooneh Org . So far she has designed and developed various solutions and tools and provided outstanding technical support to organizations. In addition, she has developed a number of software systems like case management software for education programs to track student courses and attendance, as well as a software for UNOCHA 4W reports for the protection cluster based in Turkey and Erbil. Moreover, she was responsible for administering and managing the systems and designing products. She is familiar with using tools in the humanitarian context like Kobo , SurveyCTO.