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In humanitarian contexts, problems can be severe, and multiple challenges often make it hard to tackle root causes. Projects and programs are needed that can intervene effectively, and which directly improve outcomes for affected communities. A clearly-constructed results-chain is critical to accountability, mid-course corrections, and learning. i-APS staff are skilled at generating results frameworks that set out an intervention’s activities and its expected results, the strategic objective to be delivered, and the overall goals to which programs should contribute.


-APS is experienced in integrated approaches to the entire data collection chain. We seamlessly link evaluation matrices that hold your organization’s information-needs, with the correct information-gathering tools that will maximize data reliability. Tools are designed to be appropriate to sensitive environments and to vulnerable populations through local piloting to ensure their acceptance and effectiveness. Tools are then fielded, based on appropriate numerical and geographical sampling methods. Our field teams are carefully-recruited and trained to engage effectively with respondents and with senior informants. They are capable of reaching remote areas, and then accessing the required sources, usually using mobile data-collection platforms. Our specialist teams competently analyze incoming data streams, triangulate information, feedback to field teams, and check for quality. i-APS team leaders and senior staff then provide robust reports that present impartial findings, set out evidence-based conclusions, and propose actionable recommendations, which work together to inspire user confidence in our M&E outputs.


Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security in Red Sea State (SFNS-RSS)/ Sudan

SFNS-RSS is a three year project aimed to improve food security and access to service mainly safe drinking water…


Decentralized Evaluation in Egypt

i-APS is currently conducting a decentralized evaluation of food programming in Egypt, using a mixed-methods approach, to be completed….

Health Utilization and Capacity Assessment, Research

i-APS conducted an assessment of the utilization and impact of Middle Eastern refugees on government health care facilities…

Institutional Strengthening-Follow on Project

Department Action Planning, Public Private Partnership, Training and Capacity Building…

Final Project Evaluation

Humanitarian Relief for Children and Their Families Affected by the Conflict in Iraq…

An Economic Evaluation of Food Assistance Programs

Assess the effects of humanitarian assistance programs in Idleb at the household …


Humanitarian Rapid Needs Assessment

Sectors of Intervention: food, healthcare, NFI, Water, Shelter…

Cash Based Interventions Impact on Gender Dynamics

Research/monitoring to help understand the current and potential impacts of the LCC’s cash assistance program on gender …

GBV Leadership and Coordination Structures

Review looked at the institutional arrangements of the GBV AoR – that is, the structure/leadership arrangements of co-lead…