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As part of the i-APS own investment in Products Development, i-APS and its affiliate company KS-APS have joined forces for research, development and implementation of innovative, practical and much needed solutions.

These products are solutions that have been designed in response to challenges and needs the teams have faced when conducting research, TPM, evaluation, capacity assessment and development work in over 21 countries around the world.

All our technical products are branded under KAP brand.

KAP means Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices, a model
for understanding human behavior and used across
various industries.

Get to know more about our

KAP Products

KAPsurvey is a multifunctional tool designed to facilitate an easy and quick information gathering process.

KAPcourse is an online learning education platform made to facilitate learning for all communities around the world. A learning platform made by professionals with years of experience in international development.

KAPorg is designed to help humanitarian organizations understand their organizational capacity needs and set priorities for organizational development and training. This application also serves as a networking platform to empower national NGOs, improve their communication and visibility, and connect them with implementing partners and donors worldwide.