Agriculture and Food Security


i-APS uses a market-led approach to support the agricultural and food security sector by providing localized research, communication, and technical services. We focus on improving local food production and security, creating sustainable employment opportunities, supporting private sector-led growth, and addressing climate-related constraints in agriculture. In challenging and ever-changing environments such as Sudan, Mali, Venezuela, Syria, and Yemen, we prioritize flexibility in our interventions. We incorporate innovative approaches quickly, often identified by the communities themselves, and continuously seek feasible, evidence-based, and climate-smart solutions to support our clients and communities. Additionally, we offer research, technical services, and supplies, and facilitate access to value chain development for communities. This includes improving market linkages and connecting stakeholders in the value chain with direct assistance. We build upon stabilization and humanitarian assistance programming to help agricultural stakeholders transition to more sustainable business development. Our work involves all types of stakeholders in the sector, including commercial and smallholder farmers, agribusinesses, livestock and poultry businesses, agro-pharmacies, and agro-service providers, distributors, marketing experts, laboratories, and farmer cooperatives.