Economic Growth and Livelihoods


The context of economic development work is constantly changing, with new technologies and business models transforming the approach. Poverty, inequality, conflict, and limited resource access are increasing the need for targeted, community-based economic growth opportunities. We collaborate with partners and communities to drive change, whether by equipping youth with digital skills to compete in local and regional markets or creating opportunities for individuals with limited income at the community level. Our services focus on: Providing localized and expert research, evaluation, analysis, and technical support that allow our clients to make timely, evidence-based program decisions. Increasing employment opportunities through employment and labor market research, training, improving local food production and supply, and enhancing business linkages. Conducting rigorous assessments and analysis, engaging the private sector, and fostering an environment for innovative, sustainable solutions. Assisting micro, small, and medium-sized businesses with market and value chain assessments, providing tailored business development services to enhance their competitive advantage. We provide one-to-one or group mentoring and internship/apprenticeship opportunities for established and emerging business leaders, including female business owners, through local and regional experts. Recently, we have assisted small businesses, farmers, and processors in the MENA region in restoring sustainable agriculture as an economic activity. Our business advisory services eliminated barriers to growing and selling produce, creating sustainable livelihood opportunities and increasing community income. As a women-owned and managed consulting firm, we place particular emphasis on reducing economic and participation disparities for women, youth, persons with disabilities, and disadvantaged populations.