Discussing conflict dynamics and resilience mechanisms in Mali and Burkina Faso


In Mali and Burkina Faso i-APS continues to conduct a comprehensive analysis to inform peace and stability interventions in the region, with a particular focus on gender and inclusion. i-APS has partnered with ADRA and BMZ to provide concrete and practical recommendations that will help inform the design of upcoming ADRA programming. These programs will aim to strengthen response to the crisis in the fragile province by providing transitional life support and stabilizing structures to ensure sustainable livelihoods and improve food security, resilience, and equity among displaced people and host communities. Our researchers and technical experts have already begun conducting data collection and consultations with key stakeholders and beneficiaries of the project. Centering our research on local perspectives, we led a focus group discussion with representatives of various local womens’ associations and organizations in Tominian, Mali, to discuss conflict dynamics, women’s socio-economic development, and mechanisms for resilience in times of crises. During discussions, one participant shared an enlightening perspective on conflict: “Conflict does not live on food like we do, but rather feeds on the human being and creates division. It is necessary to understand that the conflict is born from nothing and takes on a dimension that nobody can control.” “It is a wonderful opportunity to discuss conflict resolution and explore ways for adapting agricultural practices to address climate hazards and negative impacts during and after periods of crisis. In this regard, we collectively explored our need for knowledge and skills in the areas of food and nutrition, hygiene, and dryland farming methods.” – Participant from a Focus Group Discussion.