Happy Internatioonal Day of Women and Girls in Science


In honor of International Day for Women and Girls in Science, we honor women scientists all over the globe for constantly inspiring us with their discoveries, hard work and unparalleled contribution to humanity. This year we would like to share a few words from our Front-End Development Manager, Ms. Ueda Osmani, who is an exemplary visionary and creative software engineer who has proven to be a tremendous contribution to our Technological Development department. “I am not a woman in Engineering. I am an engineer! Being a woman in Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) means to be something I was told was out of reach for so long. In the beginning, it was challenging for me to see my future in the world of STEM. However, I wanted to prove to myself and others that I was strong enough to overcome obstacles and make things happen. To me, I see being a woman in a predominantly male industry as an opportunity to push the envelope everyday. Being an engineer and developer means being able to follow my curiosity and grow in a field I am passionate about. When I am building a software product, presenting my work, or leading teams of developers, working in technology gives me the power to forget gender differences, because what we do as a team defies our preconceived limitations. Simply being a woman and unapologetically doing what I love to do shows girls what is possible. Science and society, now more than ever, need hard-working women to build a more just and sustainable future for everyone. I am blessed and happy to work with a woman-owned business like i-APS and have smart, creative, strong and hard-working women in my team. “ Ueda Osmani (Senior Front-End Developer)