KS-APS and i-APS continue partnership for technology innovation


We were delighted to meet our partners from KS-APS in Prishtina over the last couple of days. This was a great opportunity to plan the launch of our latest software products and explore ways to further strengthen project management. We began our discussions by touching base on KS-APS’s future plans to further expand on project management capacities for research activities in the future. Moreover, we explored how we can fully integrate “Design Thinking” as a key approach to all areas of work at KS-APS and i-APS, encouraging advisory groups to work in close partnership with communities and clients to produce effective support strategies and design actions that directly meet costumer/beneficiary needs. It was particularly exciting to see the KS-APS team present the latest developments with our upcoming software applications. The team has done a wonderful job at presenting well-built solutions with remarkable design that have resulted from i-APS’s and KS-APS’s joint efforts over the last two years to produce technology solutions to some of the challenges facing humanitarians. Particularly, these products are solutions that have been designed to facilitate the work of i-APS and fellow humanitarian actors when conducting research, Third Party Monitoring, Evaluation, Organizational Capacity Assessment and Organizational Development. As we witnessed the remarkable results our software development teams have achieved in such a short period of time we were inspired to think of other useful software solutions to add to our list of products in the near future.