National Capacity Strengthening - Localization


This 18-month project is part of i-APS #localization efforts, working with national NGOs to strengthen their systems and build their capacities in a way that puts #ngos (national organizations) in the lead.

Our efforts helped to strengthen NGO operations, management and oversight systems, through direct technical assistance and grants ($50,000 per organization), and KAPorg, ultimately improving their community engagement and programming capacity.

As part of the program i-APS and our partner SY-APS, KAPcourse Online Learning and KAPorg conducted organizational capacity assessments and compliance vetting, developed tailored capacity development plans, provided training and on the job mentoring, and grants to national organizations.

As part of this program, i-APS conducted a thorough landscape analysis; identify potential partners (over 22) considering specialization, geographic coverage, and perceived legitimacy with local residents; and assessed and developed a report on their organizational capacity, compliance and readiness.

#localization works, with tailored capacity support the local implementing partners are able to accountably manage, implement, and monitor their activities.